Other benefits for our customers in USA:

100% Smoke-Free

Rental Agreement in Spanish

Underage drivers do not pay additional charge

Benefits for Frequent Flyers

Underage drivers do not pay additional charge

Drivers from 21 to 24 years do not pay underage surcharge in the United States

This is a benefit for Latin America and Caribbean residents only. The customer must be the main driver and show the prepaid voucher issued in his/her country of origin.

Not applicable in the states of Connecticut, Iowa, Idaho, Washington DC and New Jersey (including Conn/West District).

Customers from 21 to 24 paying for their rentals on destination will be charged an additional USD 27 per-day underage surcharge. This charge is subject to change.

Drivers must be 25 or older to rent the following category cars: H, V, L, P, X, Z y S and some cars of group K.

Additional drivers must be 25+ years old.

Importante For further information on the terms and conditions, please contact our Help Desk: helpdesk@budget-int.com

Last Update: 07/05/2017