Other services available in USA for our customers:

GPS by Garmin

Roadside Assistance


Shuttle services to the main ports



Find our new GPS.

Just decide where to go, our GPS will do the rest of the job for you.


Main features:

· Information in English and in other 35 languages.
· MP3 player.
· Traffic alert in real time.
· Sugests detours and alternate routes.
· Points places and points of interest.
· Spoken, turn by turn directios and street names.
· 3-D maps.
· Bluetooth compatibility.
· Hands free reception of calls.
· Bright screen.
· High sensitivity GPS receiver.


How much does GPS cost?

This service does not have an extra cost if you purchase a Most Inclusive (Rate code: HX) or Super Inclusive (Rate code: LV); for all other rates cost changes according to the state/location where the service is purchased and the length of the rental.

Importante For further information on the terms and conditions, please contact our Help Desk: helpdesk@budget-int.com

Last Update: 07/28/2016